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MolluDab: My experience- - by Helen Jones, mum of two from Manchester

MolluDab: My experience- - by Helen Jones, mum of two from Manchester

Browsing through the Daily Mail Online over my morning coffee, one article's headline in particular caught my eye; "When 'chickenpox' isn't what it seems and leads to years of pain". Intrigued I clicked on and began to read and there, within that article was the answer to the question I'd been looking for the past seven months.

It all started on holiday when I first noticed a wart type spot at the top of my three year old daughter's bottom. Over the next couple of days more of these 'spots' started to appear there and on the backs of her legs. My initial thought was that she was coming down with chickenpox, yet the spots never spread further than these areas so I knew this couldn't be the case. I fully expected them to have gone by the time we returned home the following week, but if anything they were worse.

I made an appointment to see our GP, which in fact would turn out to be the first of many! She was quick to diagnose my daughter with 'Molluscum Contagiosum' which she assured me was a very common childhood skin condition caused by a virus, although I must admit I'd personally never heard of it. Thinking she'd prescribe antibiotics or cream you can imagine my shock when she told me that it was untreatable and would clear up on its own accord within two years….two years!!!

Over the next few months the Molluscum got worse and my daughter was beginning to get very distressed by what she called her "spotty botty". I returned to the GP several times over those months begging for them to prescribe something that would help. I even went as far as to ask if they could freeze them off like they do with warts and verrucas but they felt this would cause too much pain and distress for a child her age and kept assuring me it would clear up on its own…I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall!

So there I was one sunny September morning drinking my coffee and browsing online when I discovered the answer to my prayers. Its name was "MolluDab". MolluDab is a lotion that contains 5 per cent potassium hydroxide that breaks down the skin cells encasing the virus, alerting the immune system to the virus's presence. Imagine my frustration when having been fobbed off by my GP for months that MolluDab has actually been available on prescription since July 2013!

I immediately ordered a bottle, which at £24.30 for just 2mls may sound expensive, but it was money well spent. Within the first week of starting treatment I had noticed a marked improvement. By the end of the second week the larger 'spots' had gone flat and turned red, their 'wart like' appearance had all but gone. As this started to happen my daughter did experience a slight stinging when I applied the lotion, but it was only slightly uncomfortable for her during the application. This is a very minor side affect for what is an excellent result. By the end of the course of treatment and to my relief the Molluscum Contagiosum had completely gone.

I just hope that from now on GPs are made aware of Molludab and prescribe it straight away so no other child has to experience months or potentially years of Molluscum Contagiosum being left untreated.

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