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My Experience with Molluscum Contagiosum by Karen Woods

My Experience with Molluscum Contagiosum by Karen Woods

My son Mitchell is two and a half years old and he contracted Molluscum Contagiosum (MC) about five months ago. The GP identified it as MC straight away and recommended that we do nothing apart from not share towels and baths to avoid passing on to others. They said it would go away on its own in six months to one year.

I accepted this for a while but became increasing unhappy with the fact the spots were getting bigger and spreading. I did some online research and found MolluDab. At first I felt a little uncomfortable doing something that my GP hadn't recommended but when the spots started spreading from his back to his tummy and under his armpits I decided it was time to at least try and stop the spreading, so I ordered MolluDab online.

We used the product exactly as described and stopped after 14 days. I also put Savlon spray on the odd spot if it looked like it may get infected but luckily none of them did.

I wasn't overly confident that it had helped but then suddenly the spots started looking better and within a further two weeks they had virtually all gone. Picture 2 was taken three weeks after treatment was complete. I am so pleased with this product and relieved for my son that I would definitely recommend it. I am aware that I need to look out for the chance of a second infestation so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

10 days after using MolluDab:

3 weeks after using treatment:

"I would like to share these photos. Picture 1 is my son after two weeks using MolluDab, I wasn't really sure it had done much but stopped using after two weeks as advised on the leaflet and kept my fingers crossed. Pic 2 is four weeks later and all he has is a few fading scars. I'm so pleased I made the decision to purchase MolluDab!" Karen Woods

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