Why wait 18 months for
molluscum contagiosum to clear?

Treat it in one to four weeks with MolluDab®.

Clinically-proven to work in 1 to 4 weeks

Less skin irritation than some alternative treatments*

With an applicator that’s precise and helps protect healthy skin

Suitable for adults or children over 2

What is molluscum contagiosum?

Molluscum contagiosum is a viral infection that affects the skin, sometimes referred to as water warts. The infection produces bumps known as Mollusca that are usually small, raised, white, pink or flesh-coloured with a dimple in the centre. They often have a pearly appearance.

Molluscum is most commonly found in children, especially pre-school age, but anyone can catch it. Molluscum is highly contagious and is spread easily from person to person.

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